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With winter on its way, it is a good time to think about how best to keep your workplace clean during the chilly season. Here are contract cleaning specialist Atkins Gregory’s ten top tips for a spotless office this season.

  1. Clean when the office is empty

To get a really thorough clean, waiting until all members of staff have left the building will make the process a lot easier. After all, no one wants to clean and polish a floor only to have it spoiled by wet, muddy shoes.

  1. Make the right impression

On the subject of dirty shoes: This is an issue that will affect the appearance of the first thing visitors see – your reception area. In a recent consumer survey, 14% of those polled said they would leave a business if it did not meet an adequate standard of cleanliness. First impressions are key, and by keeping the entranceway in an immaculate state – and unspoiled by muddy shoe prints, you are ensuring that any potential visitors arrive into clean and professional surroundings.

  1. Spring clean in winter

It is important to not only clean in areas that are visible, but in those that aren’t as well, and the quieter Christmas period is the perfect time to do it. Where possible, move furniture, filing cabinets and shelving so that you can get to those hard-to-reach places. If you want to enjoy some well-earned time off during the holiday period, why not consider a deep clean from a contract-cleaning specialist?

  1. Make sure your windows are healthy

The outside of your building may prove a potential customer with their first impression of your company. Dirty windows indicate a lack of company pride. Clean office windows are for companies who are passionate about promoting a positive self-image. Did you know that black mold spores (commonly found on windows) can cause chronic fatigue and even respiratory problems? Fight the grime on your window before it has a negative impact on the health of you and your staff.

  1. Dust away danger

Dust is not only unsightly, but a health hazard! Dust is potentially dangerous to humans, especially those with existing health conditions. For people with asthma, for example, even a slight increase of dust can cause an asthma attack. Keep up with the dusting and consider regular damp dusting to avoid causing any harm to visitors or staff.

  1. Duct cleaning

It’s not surprising that we humans tend to work more efficiently when clean air is provided. When left uncleaned, ducts become full of dust and other dirt. To combat this, make sure that your workplace ducts are cleaned professionally at appropriate intervals. With professionally cleaned ducts, your office will be free from the circulation of allergens and dust mites in the air, helping to protect you and your staff from possible allergic reactions.

  1. Germ free washrooms

Washrooms are a haven for germs, and germs love the winter! In the UK alone, approximately 34 million workdays are lost per year as a result of even minor illnesses like coughs and colds. During the winter, the common cold is everywhere, and in communal areas such as bathrooms, the spread of typical winter germs seems all the more inevitable. It is worth adding that some company signs in washrooms and common areas advising staff on best practices to avoid spreading germs will pay dividends.

  1. The company fridge

Another communal facility that is often well used, the shared fridge is the perfect location for bacteria to multiply. Harmful bacteria such as salmonella, listeria and E.coli can thrive at room temperature and old food can quickly form mold spores, releasing more harmful bacteria in the confines of your staff fridge. As well as weekly cleaning, remove any spoiled food on a regular basis and ensure your fridge is set to an ideal temperature.

  1. CRTL your keyboards

We type away on them all day, leaving behind dead skin and other nasty stuff as we go. Not to mention any unexpected sneezes over the keys or unwitting food spillages into the gaps. A study conducted in 2016 found that the average keyboard harbours 200,000 times more bacteria than a toilet seat. Want your keyboards to be cleaner than a toilet seat? Simply wipe it down with a little antibacterial solution and you will be good to go! A good contract cleaning company will ensure keyboards and telephone headsets are sparkling clean and hygienic.

  1. Drainage

The last thing anyone wants is a flood in the office. As the rainy days grow in frequency, the need to keep your buildings’ gutters and drainpipes clear of potential blockages becomes all the more apparent. Atkins Gregory can help make gutter and drainpipe maintenance a regular factor in your facilities maintenance planning.

Need some help? Atkins Gregory specialises in all things clean: from daily office and factory cleaning, to window cleaning, and specialist deep clean services. Leave it to the professionals to provide you with a spotless workplace that you and your staff can be proud of.

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