Cleanroom Cleaning Cambridge

Our commercial cleaning contract with Xaar Huntingdon began five years ago, and in that time, Atkins Gregory has continued to exceed year in, year out with exceptional service delivery. As Xaar has innovated over time, so has our service, working collaboratively to ensure that we are always delivering the right contract and specialist cleaning services based on Xaar’s evolving site requirements.


The Xaar site in Huntingdon employs more than 300 people over 24 hours a day in a diverse range of environments from office space to cleanroom manufacturing. Each area needs a tailored cleaning strategy, with the flexibility to address new challenges.

Atkins Gregory’s service delivery at Xaar Huntingdon is run effectively by our dedicated site supervisor and a full-time day team who take care of the clean rooms, and a part-time team who operate in the evenings within the office areas. Our primary task is to ensure that all four clean rooms receive the attention and highly-quality service that they require, and as they are in use 24 hours a day this can be extremely demanding. We also ensure that all other areas of Xaar Huntingdon are always immaculate to not only please aesthetically, but to extend the life of carpets, walls and general office equipment.

Here’s what Jerry Davies, Facilities Manager, Xaar Huntingdon had to say:

“The cleaning and maintenance contract with us has been operational for just over five years, with a team of nine responsible to cleaning over 8000 square metres.

Like many manufacturing companies, the biggest challenge we have on site is people. We have 330 staff working around the clock, with tight windows for shift changeovers and breaks, and every inch of space gets used. Traffic is heavy in short bursts in our breakout areas and washroom facilities and it is critical that we keep on top of things and run things with military precision. To meet this challenge, we need a cleaning contractor who can be responsive to the movements of our staff and deliver a fluid service.

Another indicator of the exceptional quality delivered by our contract cleaning team is in our public areas. We often have high profile visitors from all over the world, and in my experience, you would usually need to prepare in advance for such visits. We never need to make special arrangements now; the quality of cleaning at Xaar is so good that visitors will often comment on it, and I never have to worry about any missed areas. Everything is gleaming, from the highly polished floors to the windows, even the walls are spotless; this is in a building used by hundreds of people every day.

Operationally, our state-of-the-art clean rooms are critical. We manufacturer print heads where the nozzles are microns in diameter, so any debris and dirt could be catastrophic to production and expensive to replace. Our four clean rooms are each nine hundred square metres and are all in operation 24 hours a day.

Every day, floors are mopped and hoovered, and areas tidied. On a weekly basis, every inch is cleaned, from the walls and ceilings to the tiniest detail like wheels on chairs so we don’t have a problem. We officially operate at ISO7 as defined by ISO 14644, but the standards we achieve daily come much closer to ISO6, which is ten times cleaner. We have never had a particle excursion, and this is proof that while cosmetic appearance is important, it is crucial to our work to have the deep cleanliness that our contract cleaning team achieves.

The more we work with them, the better the service is.  It’s a partnership that works well for us, delivered exceptionally by a trusted partner.


Read the full case study by clicking on the link below, shortlisted in the national cleaning industry ‘Golden Service Awards 2018’ for exceptional delivery