Atkins Gregory Moves to Digital Auditing System

We are delighted to tell you about our new digital auditing system iAuditor.

deep clean of office premises

A Positive Influence: The Presence of a Cleaning Contractor

As an employer and business owner, what can you do to help your staff and customers feel more confident about crossing your threshold? 


Are Offices a Greater Risk than Supermarkets?

Will a return to the office be riskier than doing your weekly shop? And what can we learn from offices that have remained open during the pandemic?

City of Cambridge, Cambridgeshire

Atkins Gregory is Moving!

Atkins Gregory has moved to a new home to ensure the continuity of its delivery across the region. Find us at Unit 12, Glenmore Business Park, CB25 9FX

deep clean of office premises

Atkins Gregory Can Now Disinfect Four Times Faster!

Atkins Gregory’s Specialist Cleaning Operatives can now clean your surfaces four times faster, using 65% less solution. How? Thanks to electrostatic cleaning technology.


What are the facts about Carpet Cleaning and Coronavirus?

Carpet may not regularly come into contact with the hands, but it is not exempt from viruses. How long can coronavirus survive on carpet? Should your carpets be professionally cleaned after COVID-19?

Professional Industrial Cleaners

How Professional Industrial Cleaners can help your business thrive

Whatever the size of your business, if you have business premises then you would benefit from […]

tackle unhygienic workplace habits with Monthind contract cleaning and deep clean

Tackle The Top Unhygienic Workplace Habits

According to an academic study carried out by Dr Lisa Ackerley, the Hygiene Doctor, the main […]

entrance carpet cleaning extends the lifespan of your flooring

Keep The Dirt Out of Your Office Entrance This Winter

Keeping the entrance to your building spotless, especially the floor, isn’t just aesthetically pleasing (although first […]

ph value of acidic and alkaline cleaning products and their uses

Think You Know the PH Scale? Here’s a reminder

We look at the Difference Between Acidic and Alkaline Cleaning Products

winter clean business premises with Atkins Gregory

Your winter cleaning checklist – Make sure you’re ready

It’s the wet and muddy season! Here are our tips to keep clean this winter

COSHH – Hazardous Substances and Atkins Gregory

We pride ourselves on our rigorous adherence to all aspects of health and safety legislation and best practice.

contract and office cleaning cambridgeshire

Millions of Germs are Hiding in Your Workplace

The office environment is a breeding ground for germs and bacteria.

carpet cleaning cambridge

Did you know thousands of bugs live in your office carpet?

Dust mites can cause havoc in a warm building, but Atkins Gregory can help

Office cleaning Cambridge

Be Remembered for a Clean First Impression!

95% of consumers said exterior appearance influence their purchase decisions

Office cleaning Cambridge

The Clean Reasons Why You Should Say Yes to Atkins Gregory

Want to know why we’re the best? Here are a few reasons

contract cleaning cambridgeshire

Cleaning Jobs You Can’t Do Without a Commercial Cleaning Company

From window cleans to deep cleans, Atkins Gregory gets it spotlessly clean