Office cleaning Cambridge

We know that good first impressions are vital in all aspects of business, but how often do we consider the impact that the cleanliness of their building has on new, repeat, or potential customers. 95% of consumers say exterior appearance influences their purchase decisions, so the importance of keeping your office, retail or leisure facility clean and tidy is fundamental to your success.

Looking at three of the critical areas where maintaining overall cleanliness will boost general consumer satisfaction, here are Atkins Gregory’s suggestions for achieving that sought after, memorable first impression.

Building Entrance
The first port of call for any customer, whatever industry, has the potential to lose you a large amount of business. When 52% of all consumers will avoid a business if the front or entrance is dirty, choosing to take their business elsewhere, it’s just good business sense to invest some time and money to make this area spotless.

From the cleanliness of the windows to smaller, but also essential areas such as the welcome mat, first impressions are made within an instant, with 80% of consumers stating that they are willing to try a new retail shop if the exterior is clean and inviting. It’s that simple. By ensuring a building entrance is regularly maintained could prove to be the difference between securing a new customer or not. Did you know, Atkins Gregory are the leading providers of high reach window cleaning in Cambridge and Peterborough? We can also take care of exterior cleans, including jet washing and gutter and roofline cleaning.

Reception Area
Most often, the reception area is the first point of human interaction with a business. Customers are known to make as many judgements on how clean a reception area is to the level of customer service they receive. Something that may prove difficult when considering the typical office workers’ hands come into contact with 10 million bacteria per day; making it near to impossible to know what and where is clean.

A simple tidy-up of the reception desk itself to regular, more industrial cleaning of the waiting area, ensures this part of a business is sufficiently clean to give a good impression, and will make your customers feel more comfortable. From office cleaning in Cambridge to contract cleaning in Peterborough, Atkins Gregory can help.

Noted as one of the more troublesome areas of a business to maintain, carpets are known to hold more than 450g of soil per square foot before dirt is even noticed. Regular cleaning of these areas proves to be imperative in sustaining overall cleanliness. If you are looking for commercial carpet cleaning in Cambridge or Peterborough, Atkins Gregory can help, with spectacular results. We can even clean during shut down times to ensure minimal disruption.

Are you looking to improve your customers’ first impression of your business, through cleanliness? It’s not too early to book a spring clean with Atkins Gregory, just get in touch with us today for more information, and a no-obligation site visit from one of our dedicated contract clean teams in Cambridgeshire, Suffolk and Peterborough.