entrance carpet cleaning extends the lifespan of your flooring

Keeping the entrance to your building spotless, especially the floor, isn’t just aesthetically pleasing (although first impressions have a well-recorded impact on your business), it ticks health and safety and budget control boxes too.

With Health and Safety Executive (HSE) statistics showing that the top cause of non-fatal injuries to employees in 2017/18 was slips, trips or falls at 31%  and 90% of slip accidents in public buildings occur on wet floors, it is vital to take measures to reduce the amount of water being traipsed through your premises. One of the easiest and most cost-effective ways of doing this is to install quality barrier matting, preferably on both sides of the threshold, reducing unsightly dirty flooring once inside the building. As more than 70% of dirt and moisture in buildings is tracked in by pedestrian and wheeled traffic preventing its spread is paramount. Depending on the footfall of the premises, it may be prudent to continue matting to the reception desk, lifts and stairwells.

Using barrier matting doesn’t just prevent falls and keep your entrance looking nice, though, it also prevents soiling and increases the lifespan of all your building’s floorcoverings. Combined with a good cleaning regime, you can keep on top of the winter weather and keep your floors looking pristine.

The ROI of regular contract carpet cleaning is excellent as it doesn’t just prolong the life of the flooring it also ensures dust, dirt and mites are eliminated, which helps reduce the number of days of staff absence as a result of allergies and other related sicknesses. Obviously, it depends on a number of factors, including the colour, pile type, carpet quality, and amount of traffic your floors receive, when deciding on a carpet cleaning schedule, along with the nature of your business and we would recommend discussing this with your cleaning contractor. If they are treating stains regularly and vacuuming frequently, you may be able to get away with deep carpet cleaning twice a year. Equally, hard floor cleaning and refinishing extends flooring lifespan and improves hygiene levels.

So, if you invest in quality flooring, including entrance matting and maintain a regular, robust cleaning schedule, you will hopefully get through the winter with shiny floors and no nasty accidents. If you want your foyer to be the talk of the town, call Atkins Gregory on 01223 438118 to find out more about our contract and carpet cleaning services.