Contract Cleaning Cambridge

With record temperatures and reports that the hot weather is set to continue into October, it can be tough when you’re working in any type of contract cleaning profession.

Whether you’re contract cleaning in Cambridge, carpet cleaning in Cottenham, washing windows in Wisbech, or landscaping in Linton, it’s essential to stay safe in these exceptionally hot and humid conditions.

With a big shout out to the hundreds of hard-working Atkins Gregory staff, we hope our top tips for staying cool this summer will help.

Hydrate: It may seem obvious but the number one way to avoid heat illness is hydration. Try to drink at least 500ml of water every hour regardless of whether you feel thirsty.

Protect: If you’re working outside, apply liberal amounts of high-factor sunscreen and reapply to exposed areas throughout the day.

Cover up: Always keep your head and neck covered in direct sunlight.

Cool off: Take regular breaks in shaded areas and use a water spray to cool off in between.

Avoid: too much caffeine and limit your alcohol intake the night before; it may be a killjoy, but you will feel much better for it.

If you experience excessive sweating, dizziness, a rapid pulse, muscle cramps or develop a headache, you may be suffering from heat exhaustion. Stop what you are doing, lie down, cool down with a cold flannel or ice on your forehead and pulse points and hydrate with cool (not ice cold) water.