cleaning tips for graffiti removal

As so many cases of graffiti go unrecorded, it is not possible to confirm the number of incidents in the past year, but the crime does seem to be on the increase. The question of whether or not it is art or just a case of criminal damage becomes somewhat irrelevant when it is plastered all over your business premises. Graffiti doesn’t just give a poor first impression to potential customers; it has the potential to damage your brand (particularly if it is explicit) and reduce the value of your property. Left for any length of time it is likely to attract further acts of vandalism which could prove to be very costly.

So, if it’s not an original Banksy, or of a similar ilk, chances are you will consider it to be an eyesore and want it removed quickly and effectively. To ensure compliance with health and safety requirements and to prevent further damage to the graffitied surface we recommend using the services of a professional cleaning company that specialises in the removal of graffiti.

At Atkins Gregory, we are specialists in the safe and efficient removal of graffiti from all types of surfaces and are able to provide anti-graffiti coatings to protect areas liable to suffer from this form of vandalism. Both permanent and sacrificial coatings can be applied. Call us on 01223 438118 to find out more.