A Healthy Workplace Improves Profitability

As summer draws to a close, bringing autumn’s inevitable coughs, colds and viruses it’s a good time to think about what you can do to keep your workplace healthy, we look at the benefits of a healthy workplace and how you can achieve it.

Maintaining a healthy workplace doesn’t just tick health and safety boxes; it demonstrates that you care about your employees. Although figures from the Office for National Statistics have shown a drop in the number of sick days taken by UK workers, a professor at Manchester Business School claims presenteeism is the major factor and not improved health. Staff are worried about their HR record and are coming into work when ill, they then spread their germs and make their colleagues ill. Whilst everyone may drag themselves into work, nobody will be able to work to their full capacity, so, it’s in your interest as an employer to do what you can to keep those germs at bay.


Improving air quality improves mental cognition and ultimately productivity. Whilst we tend to think of air conditioning systems spreading germs when we think about air quality affecting our health, simple things like improving access to fresh air through natural means, like opening a window, isn’t just cheaper and better for the environment, many workers find it calming and morale-boosting. If air conditioning filters are maintained and cleaned regularly, they are less likely to contribute to the spreading of disease, so if you have air conditioning in your office, check that it is included in the cleaning schedule and regularly maintained.


If you want to keep germs at bay, then it is imperative that you are proactive in your approach to cleaning. Disinfecting shared equipment and fixtures such as computer keyboards, telephones, door handles, worktops, and kitchen appliances on a regular basis is as imperative as an effective washroom cleaning schedule if you want to minimise the risk of infection.


Regular contract cleaning should always be supported by a deep cleaning schedule. How often will be dependent on many factors, including the type of business, footfall of premises, and style of fixtures and fittings, but should include carpet cleans, window cleaning and deep cleaning of kitchen and washroom areas. Incidentally, when it comes to window cleaning, do not underestimate the proven positive effects natural light has on mental wellbeing.

There’s a lot you can do to keep your workplace free from germs, but ultimately your staff themselves are in the best place to protect themselves. Promote personal hygiene and encourage them to tackle those unhygienic workplace habits and watch your sickness rates plummet!

If you are looking to reduce hygiene-related staff sickness absences and need some help to improve the cleanliness of your business premises, then Atkins Gregory can help.

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