Professional Industrial Cleaners

Whatever the size of your business, if you have business premises then you would benefit from the services of professional industrial cleaners. A clean and sanitary workplace is important on many levels, and you may be surprised at its return on investment.

My staff can clean up after themselves!

Many employers expect their staff to keep the workplace clean and whilst we would agree that employees should take some responsibility for keeping things hygienic and tidy, it can have a negative impact on staff relationships and morale if they have to clean up after each other. Not to mention the health and safety implications, training requirements and lack of monitoring. It only takes one forgotten wet floor sign, one misuse of a chemical cleaning product, or someone using the wrong mop and bucket in the kitchen and you could find yourself in the middle of a lawsuit that is going to cost far more than the money you saved on a contract cleaner.    

Health and Safety

We’ve touched on this slightly but would stress the value of well trained, health and safety compliant, knowledgeable staff, managed and supervised by someone who understands your business. By handing over the responsibility to an expert team, you and your staff can get on with what you do best in a clean and healthy environment.

What happens if something goes wrong?

In the unlikely event that it does, professional industrial cleaners will have insurance to cover breakages and liability etc. Their recruitment processes should include police checks and security vetting, so you know you can trust the people who are cleaning your premises. At Atkins Gregory, we value our staff and, as a result, we retain them, so you will get to know the operatives, and they will become part of your team, without any of the associated staff management. We never sub-contract; if there is a short notice absence, we will cover it, even if it means one of the management team rolling up their sleeves and donning a pair of rubber gloves (a rare occurrence, you’ll be pleased to hear!).

I see the ROI, but how else does it help my business thrive?

Outsourcing your cleaning will keep your premises clean and tidy, ensuring a good first impression, and helping to attract and retain customers. It’s not just your customers you will impress, your staff will see that you care about the environment they work in, you want them to be comfortable, and you are prepared to invest in their good health and wellbeing. It demonstrates pride in every aspect of your business and sends a clear message that your brand is dependable.

Your staff will be more productive, on a day to day basis and through lack of sickness absences, you will attract more customers, and your assets, including equipment and furnishings, will last longer and require less maintenance.

If that doesn’t get you reaching for the phone and calling us on 01223 438118 for a no obligation quotation, we’re not sure what will!