Water Purification in window cleaning

If you are paying for professional window cleaning, you want to be confident that not only are your windows going to be left more sparkly than a Disney Princess convention but also that they are going to stay that way for a while. Here at Atkins Gregory, we have invested in water purification technology that not only cleans better than untreated water; it also stays clean. Here’s how it works:

Using reverse osmosis water purification technology, we are able to de-mineralise and de-ionise tap water. We have our own reverse osmosis equipment which is strategically located in different places so that it is accessible to all our window cleaning operatives.

Minerals found in tap water, particularly calcium and magnesium, leave white residue on glass after cleaning. By removing the dissolved chemicals and minerals in tap water (levels of which vary significantly depending on the area and the hardness of the water), we produce pure water, and because of the chemical nature of pure water, it absorbs particles from any surface that it touches. When used to clean glass, the pure water absorbs particles of dirt leaving it sparkling clean. Detergents are not required, which reduces cleaning time and cost, as well as benefiting the environment. Just brush the water on, rinse it off, and the result is a streak-free finish. When the window is dry, it stays cleaner as there is no residue for dirt to adhere to.

The process used to administer pure water, water-fed poles, allows our operatives to remain on the ground whilst cleaning several storeys of windows. Removing a working at height element to the task allows us to carry out the clean in less time, with less equipment and at less of a risk. It also provides better privacy for you employees, minimises inconvenience such as restricting access, and reduces the risk of potential damage to the building and surrounding areas from using ladders or self-drive platforms.

If you would like to know more about our sustainable, cost-effective window cleaning services, please get in touch.