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As architectural styles have changed over the last century, so too has the height and position of windows. Buildings have become higher and are now constructed in a variety of shapes, making window cleaning an increasingly complex affair – requiring highly trained operatives to ensure windows are sparkling clean.

Professional window cleaning companies must invest in their human capital in order to provide clients with exceptional results, but in the interests of access, safety and cost-effectiveness, they must also invest in the necessary equipment.

Better, Safer, Faster
The window cleaning industry has come a long way from the leather and scrim. A whole range of advanced systems have been developed to deliver superior results in a short time frame. Simultaneously, systems have been developed to ensure working at height is as safe as possible and that water is conserved.

Risk Assessments and Method Statements
Before an equipment type or method of access is chosen, a full risk assessment is carried out. Also method statements will be provided for all access techniques, which must be approved by all parties before work begins.

Ground-Operated ‘Reach and Wash Systems’
Here at Atkins Gregory we select the most effective window cleaning equipment for the given task. Ground-operated Reach and Wash systems represent the safest way to effectively clean windows, providing access to windows up to 60 feet high. Window surrounds can be cleaned at the same time, as can cladding, building trims and fabrications. This systems utilises pure water, which lifts grime and dirt from the surface – and because it contains no detergents, can be used on all manner of adjacent surfaces.

Mobile Elevated Work Platforms
A number of Atkins Gregory’s clients own or manage buildings of a height greater than 60 feet, or in whose structures windows are located in awkward positions. In these cases, a Mobile Elevated Work Platform is a highly effective piece of equipment. Where poles cannot reach, these versatile units provide a safe, stable platform from which to carry out window cleaning or other maintenance activities. Even the most hard-to-reach windows can be accessed by our team of expert window cleaners when supported by a MEWP system.

Rope-Based Access and Descent Systems
For high-level buildings, rope access is the only effective solution for reaching windows. Perhaps the most technically demanding type of window cleaning access technique, rope work is carried out by highly qualified IRATA trained operatives and by connecting to pre-existing latchway systems, eye bolts or the can use permanent structures to attach their rope systems, to allow access to all types of buildings. As with the selection of all window cleaning techniques, a full risk assessment is drawn up with accompanying method statements.

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