Do my Solar Panels need cleaning?


Solar panels in the UK are generally designed to be self-cleaning and, due to our high average levels of rainfall, most dust or slight marks will be washed away by the next shower. However, panels placed in a particularly dry or flat area are more at risk of being affected by a build-up of compacted dust, plus your real enemy is attacking from the air. Bird droppings are the scourge of solar panels! Not only do they block the sun from reaching a percentage of your panels, they also cause permanent damage.

If you are unsure if your solar panels are due a clean, it is worth investigating their output levels. If they’re not producing what you have come to expect on a beautifully sunny summer day there is a reason, and that reason maybe it is time to get them cleaned.

Are dirty Solar Panels less efficient?


Yes, at least according to Google! A study conducted at the tech giant’s 1.6 MW farm found that cleaning solar panels could double their performance overnight. If your panels are flat that is. The results for tilted panels show that cleaning dust or dirt is less likely to increase energy production so cleaning sloping panels may not deliver the same impact on your budget unless the local birds have found a comfortable spot on your roof!

What is the best way to clean solar panels?


At Atkins Gregory our fully-trained, flexible and health and safety conscious team clean solar panels using our advanced Reach & Wash system, using only pure water to ensure the clean leaves no residue, improving panel efficiency. Plus, we undertake all solar panel cleaning early in the morning, before the sun warms the panels, to eliminate the risk of cracking.

Atkins Gregory delivers professional solar panel cleaning services to private, public and facilities management clients across Cambridge. For more information regarding Solar Panel Cleaning Services call 01206 215300 or click here

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