The Importance of Spring Cleaning

If you employ the services of a professional industrial cleaner, you may think that a workplace spring clean is an unnecessary expenditure for your business. However, unless your contract is structured to include specific tasks several times a year, you may be leaving your employees and customers at risk. We’re sharing our top tips for an inclusive Spring Clean to ensure you are rid of all the winter dirt and banish the lingering germs.

Clean those carpets

Nesting in the fabric of carpets, chairs and any other soft furnishings around the typical office environment, dust mites thrive in warm conditions. As these pests multiply, dust mite allergy sufferers will experience symptoms including sneezing, runny nose, itchy eyes, wheezing and eczema. An allergy to dust mites is more common than you might realise, with an estimated 12 million sufferers in the UK – that’s one in five people.

Whilst thorough vacuuming cleans some of the 1,000 allergen waste particles a single dust mite produces, it’s near impossible to maintain removal of all allergens. With a gram of dust containing as many as 1,000 dust mites and 250,000 allergenic dust mite faecal pellets, you’ll need professional carpet cleaning to help to manage the problem.

Get your windows shining

Nothing shows up the winter dirt and streaks on your windows like a beautiful sunny day, and nothing gives a worse first impression than filthy windows. If your staff can’t see out of the windows when they are seeking some creative inspiration, productivity could suffer, and if they see grey, dirty glass every time they look up, that could have a lasting effect on morale. Employ the services of a window cleaning team that utilises advanced cleaning systems for fast, safe, efficient cleaning and ensure that they put the health and safety of your staff and customers on the same level as their operatives. Atkins Gregory has invested in water purification technology that not only cleans better than untreated water, it also stays clean for longer.

Boost your kerb appeal   

As spring approaches and the daffodils begin to bloom, it’s a good time to go for a stroll and review the effects winter has had on the outside of your business premises. From sweeping the car park, and removing debris to maintenance, cleaning the fascia, cladding and signage, clearing gutters and downpipes, and jet washing bins and bin storage areas, investing in a quality clean gives a good return on investment.

Treat your business to a deep clean        

Spring towards summer with a morale boosting, image enhancing deep clean for your company premises. Atkins Gregory offers a range of deep cleans to meet the special requirements of hygiene sensitive areas such as kitchens, restaurants and washrooms. Make sure you are meeting legislative requirements of these sensitive areas by using an accredited contract cleaning company that can carry out this work quickly and efficiently using both chemical and steam-based technology.

De-clutter your way to boosted efficiency

Tidy desk, tidy mind? Everyone works differently, but most work more efficiently if they are not buried under a mountain of files and paperwork. Help your compliancy team and your staff by encouraging a clear desk policy (imperative if you work a hot-desking scheme). It makes it so much easier to keep keyboards, desks etc. cleaner and more hygienic. Clear out those old files and brochures, making sure you shred any sensitive literature. You may be surprised at how much clutter has been accumulated over the past year.

Let Atkins Gregory Clean help…

If you’re looking for a professional industrial cleaning company that delivers, contact the team at Atkins Gregory Clean. We can take care of everything from daily cleaning to seasonal, specialist and emergency cleaning, including window cleaning, gutter and fascia cleaning, floor refinishing, carpet cleaning and biohazard cleaning.

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