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Research commissioned by PHS group showed that 48% of staff are unhappy with the hygiene levels in their workplace. The study also found that an astounding 88% reported that they believed the standard of their workplace impacts on productivity. The survey, aimed at understanding what motivates workplace generations also highlighted a high correlation between the standard of the workplace and employees’ work life balance (64%).


Want to know more? Here are our top five reasons to invest clean in 2018!

  1. First impressions

First impressions are everything in business. In terms of your workplace, appearances can speak louder than words ever could. Picture the scene: A potential client or partner arrives at your premises, only to be greeted by a muddy entrance way, smeary windows, dirty floors and a cluttered reception area. Visitors will even pick up on scents. How would your business score?

Take a fresh look around. Is the outside area clean and well signposted? Are the windows clean? Are the walls in need of a wash down? Is the reception area clean and uncluttered? What message are you sending to your visitors and staff?

  1. Clean to boost productivity

It’s a fact that your onsite staff will spend most of their time in their workplace, so keeping your workforce comfortable and happy is a key part of maintaining good workplace morale and boosting productivity. Happy employees feel valued and will respond by giving their all at work.

  1. Return on investment

It’s not all about how it looks. A clean workplace has been proven to reduce sickness, enhance morale and increase productivity. A feature by Facilities Management Journal reported that employees’ top motivational wish list included clean washrooms, office plants and pleasant breakout areas.

  1. Setting standards

Given the facts, it is worth investing in a regular workplace survey to find out what your employees really think about their working environment. This will enable you to set and monitor KPIs for your cleaning contractor and to create best practices for your workplace. Any good contract cleaning provider should support you with this and collaborate with you on a regular basis to monitor satisfaction and deliver the best results.

  1. An environment to be proud of

Once your workplace is gleaming, take a look at surrounding areas, and improvements that can be made such as jet washing outside areas, gutter cleaning, painting, signage and window cleaning. Keep investing in feedback from visitors and employees and regular maintenance to maintain an environment to be proud of.

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