winter clean business premises with Atkins Gregory

We all know winter brings its own cleaning and maintenance challenges. The inclement weather creates mess and muck as well as occasional damage, internally and externally. Follow these simple steps to get your business premises ready for winter, minimise the impact of the season and stay spick and span until spring.

Don’t lose your kerb appeal

Just because the winter skies are grey, and the daylight hours are minimal, the first impressions of your business premises don’t have to be dismal. Potential customers will be making judgements about your company and whether they want to do business with you before they have even entered the reception area, so whether you are a small office or a large retail premises it is important to keep outside areas clean and safe. Whether it’s sweeping up leaves, clearing gutters to prevent overflows, cleaning soffits and fascias, or minimising the risk of slips, trips and falls, maintaining the external areas of your building is always a sound winter investment.

Be gone, muddy footprints  

Your potential customer has been impressed by your building’s exterior shining brightly in the bleak winter gloom and enters the reception to be confronted with a mass of muddy footprints as far as the eye can see. It’s a challenge during the winter months, but with the help of quality flooring and a good cleaning regime you can keep your entrance clean, welcoming and professional.

Seeing through the grime

Dirty windows aren’t just a clear indication that a company lacks pride, they are also a haven for mould spores which can cause chronic fatigue and even respiratory problems. Regular window cleaning will promote a positive company image and will help keep your staff and customers healthier.

Bring out your dead!

Possibly a little extreme, but winter is statistically the worst season for staff sickness. How much of that is due to the Christmas celebrations as opposed to the coughs and colds being spread, we cannot say, but we do know that deep cleaning, washroom hygiene and air-conditioning/ heating system maintenance can have a positive impact on seasonal sickness levels. Frequently used areas such as kitchens, desks, computer keyboards, telephones and bathrooms are all havens for bacteria, especially in the winter, so it is important to keep them clean and germ-free. If you don’t already, it may be beneficial to provide and encourage the use of hand- sanitiser to prevent the spread of germs. The cost of providing this is quickly negated by the reduction in sickness levels and their associated impact on your business.

If such challenges seem familiar, contact the team at Atkins Gregory. We can take care of everything from daily cleaning to seasonal, specialist and emergency cleaning, including window cleaning, gutter and fascia cleaning, floor refinishing, carpet cleaning and biohazard cleaning.

Regardless of the size or complexity of the site, Atkins Gregory provide the cleaning team, on-site specialists, equipment and consumables and seamlessly manage the whole process in partnership with our clients. Contact us today to see how we can help you to get ready for winter.