Buckfest 2018

Atkins Gregory supports local musical talent & charities through the Buckfest Music Festival

When the team at Atkins Gregory found out about the Buckfest Music Festival, we knew we wanted to get involved any way we could. That is why we proudly sponsored this fantastic event in 2017 and are returning to do so again this year. News has already spread about what an exciting event this year’s Buckfest Music Festival is looking to be, as tickets have already sold out.

The Buckfest Music Festival was created nine years ago by its mastermind Rick Holden, as an expansion of the food event Feast Week, which only ran up until 5pm at Buckden St Neots. People thoroughly enjoyed the first event and Rick and his committee members saw a rewarding opportunity. They set up Buckfest Music Festival for two reasons, firstly as a place for local talent in Cambridgeshire to come and perform for the local community but also as a way to support charities.

Year after year, the Buckfest team have continuously expanded their event. This year the festival will include three stages, more than 20 bands, children’s entertainment and a range of food and drink stalls. Over the years, funds raised at this event have gone to charities such as Magpas Air Ambulance, The Woodlands Centre and EACH (East Anglia’s Children Hospice) to name a few. All previous charities have been picked as they focus on supporting vital causes. Through the money raised at Buckfast Music Festival many of these organisations have been able to continue to provide the equipment and services that these vulnerable groups need.

This has been continued with this year’s event, raising funds for both the 3 Pillars Feeding The Homeless Trust and The Malcom Whales Foundation. These organisations provide vital resources to the homeless community and support for sufferers of cancer and families coping respectively.

Atkins Gregory is proud to be a sponsor of Buckfest 2018, taking place on Saturday, 14 July.