Pharmaceutical and Laboratory Cleaning

Atkins Gregory offers meticulous laboratory cleaning services to the UK’s most prestigious research and bio-medical institutions.

Located in the hub of scientific innovation near the esteemed Science Park, our organisation maintains the pristine environments of renowned Cambridge research facilities. We’re committed to delivering comprehensive lab cleanings, as well as other specialist cleaning services.

Cleanliness and hygiene are non-negotiable in laboratory settings. Whether we’re tasked with cleaning Class 8 or Class 4 laboratories, sterile or non-sterile environments, our professionals execute each project with precision and care.

From periodic deep cleans to daily specialist cleaning routines, Atkins Gregory’s services are designed to meet clients’ exacting standards. We ensure compliance with regulatory requirements and maintain optimal working conditions.

Every laboratory has its own unique set of challenges and requirements. That’s why we take the time to comprehensively understand the specific needs of each client, developing bespoke cleaning programs that align with their objectives and budgetary considerations.

As experts in the field of biotech cleaning, we play a vital role in supporting the mission-critical operations of our clients, contributing to the advancement of scientific knowledge and the betterment of human health.

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One of our technicians will visit your site, assess your needs, and provide a free quote for our laboratory cleaning services in Cambridgeshire.

Our Biotech Cleaning Services


We thoroughly clean laboratory spaces, wiping down and sterilising surfaces and floors to remove contaminants and potentially hazardous substances.

Equipment Sterilisation

Our cleaners are trained to safely handle a wide variety of lab equipment, including fragile glassware, instruments, and machinery.

Biohazard Cleanups

Atkins Gregory is certified and trained to clean biohazards such as infectious agents, chemicals, blood, and other bodily fluids.

Why Choose Us for Biotech Cleaning Services?

  • 70+ years of providing commercial cleaning in Cambridge
  • World-class services fit for the most prestigious facilities
  • Close proximity to many of the UK’s leading science labs
  • Sustainable cleaning practices to minimise environmental footprints
  • Adaptable services based on each client’s needs
  • Strong dedication to client satisfaction and peace of mind
  • Responsive, reliable customer support services

Our Process

1. Assessment & Planning

We begin all of our partnerships with a thorough assessment of the laboratory or research environment. This allows us to identify specific cleaning requirements, challenges, and regulatory considerations.

2. Specialised Cleaning

After confirming your needs, we’ll design a bespoke laboratory cleaning solution based on your space’s unique needs. Our professionals will then clean using the latest technology and products to ensure optimal results.

3. Validation & Documentation

Through rigorous testing and monitoring, our biotech cleaning company will document our procedures and results to demonstrate your lab’s compliance with regulatory standards and quality requirements.

4. Ongoing Monitoring & Maintenance

Atkins Gregory will continue to provide as-needed services to sustain your facility’s cleanliness and safety. In the event of a sudden mess or biohazardous situation, our call-out team is just a phone call away.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What measures do we take to prevent cross-contamination?

To prevent cross-contamination in laboratory environments, our cleaning company implements a comprehensive set of measures and protocols designed to minimise the transfer of contaminants between different areas, surfaces, and specimens.

Some of the key measures we take include:

  • Segregation of cleaning supplies
  • Disposable protective equipment
  • Proper ventilation and airflow management
  • Careful use of disinfectants
  • Comprehensive employee training

By implementing these measures and maintaining strict adherence to cleanliness protocols, our biotech cleaning company helps ensure the integrity of research, experimentation, and production processes.

Can we accommodate unique scheduling needs and preferences?

Certainly. Our flexible approach allows us to adjust cleaning times to suit your operational preferences, whether your requested services are during off-peak hours, overnight, on weekends, or over holidays.

We’ll work closely with you to find the most convenient schedule while maintaining our high standards of cleanliness and hygiene.

Do we offer emergency laboratory cleaning services?

Yes, our emergency cleaning services are professional, tactful, and fast-acting. Contact our 24/7 call-out response team to immediately deal with biohazards of all levels.

How do we ensure confidentiality when cleaning sensitive research areas?

To ensure confidentiality and security in research areas, our cleaners are properly vetted, trained, and certified. We limit access to authorised personnel and employ discreet cleaning techniques to protect proprietary information during our operations.

What Cambridge Clients Are Saying

Simon PlumeSimon Plume
11:10 24 Jun 21
I cannot fault the professional service from taking my enquiry to delivering on what was required. I highly recommend Atkins Gregory.
Debbie AbrahamsDebbie Abrahams
08:17 16 Jun 21
Highly recommended for the professional service provided by Atkins Gregory over the past few years.

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Our passion for excellence ensures that our cleaning services won’t disappoint you. We fully understand our role in helping you project the right image. This makes us the ideal partner to fulfil all your cleaning needs thereby allowing you to focus on your core business.