contract cleaning cambridgeshire

Professional cleaning services for commercial clients across Cambridgeshire

Atkins Gregory delivers a full range of professional commercial cleaning services to clients across Cambridgeshire. From office blocks to call centres, from warehouses and retail outlets, our team has the experience, expertise and equipment to deliver brilliant cleaning services to all manner of commercial premises.

From general commercial contract cleaning to both low- and high-level window cleaning, from facilities management provision to janitorial supplies and waste management and recycling services, few rivals offer such a comprehensive range of cleaning and support services like Atkins Gregory can. We aim to provide a full circle service range to ensure your premises is well maintained.

A clean, pleasant working environment

In order to maintain a clean, professional working environment, commercial enterprises need to be able to trust and rely on their cleaning service provider. This is where Atkins Gregory excels: our staff benefit from ongoing training and carry out their work with the latest and most effective equipment, and to the highest of health and safety standards.

Cleaning services that make economic sense

As one of the larger cleaning services operating in Cambridgeshire, we can deliver real economy-of- scale cost savings to our commercial clients. Our sizeable and dedicated pool of staff mean we always have the operatives available to expand service provision as and when required. The staffing issues sometimes experienced by small in-house teams are also eliminated.

Highly flexible cleaning services

At the heart of our service is flexibility: we work hard to ensure our services are delivered in harmony with your daily commercial activities. In pursuit of creating long-term commercial relationships, we strive to demonstrate a ‘can-do’ attitude in every aspect of our service provision.

Comprehensive cleaning and support services

We provide our services to commercial clients across Cambridge, Peterborough, Huntingdon, Thetford, St. Ives and Bury St. Edmunds. Ensure your staff and premises benefit from truly professional cleaning services – contact our team today and tell us about your requirements.

“We are positive that we made the right choice by selecting Atkins Gregory, despite having a difficult decision to change contractors. Nevertheless, we are already extremely pleased with the excellent service that Atkins Gregory provides for us at the American Cemetery. We would like to thank you for an excellent start and we look forward to working with your team in 2019.”

Rich Cobb, Superintendent, American Cemetery