We would like to congratulate Simon Hughes as we celebrate his ten year anniversary with The Monthind Group.

When this outdoorsy, self-proclaimed DIY professional isn’t watching motorsports or traveling, he can be found making a significant contribution towards the growth of our operations and he has proven himself to be an integral part of our team. Simon originally joined the company in a sales role for Monthind Clean, and in 2016 he began working in Cambridge and the surrounding areas for sister company, Atkins Gregory, as a Business Development Manager.

When asked what he likes most about working for Atkins Gregory, Simon said:

“The wide variety of different industries and customer bases we get to deal with daily. Whether it is within the usual office environment, IT, the research and development sector, the manufacturing sector, or a small start-up company, there’s always something interesting to see. Also, doing what we do, quite often you get a good behind-the-scenes view that you may not otherwise get to appreciate.”

We understand that our employees are our organisation’s biggest asset and Simon is an exemplary example of why. Over the past decade, Simon has shown dedication to not only his job role, but to the company, and he plays a vital part in the success of our organisation.

Simons shares his favourite Atkins Gregory Memories:

“Aside from providing my colleagues with lots of Christmas party memories, it is great to see a company and a lot of individuals devoting time to charity fundraising. A round of golf for charity is always a good laugh. However, I very much enjoyed doing the Yorkshire 3 Peaks challenge with a few colleagues. We smashed the target time (along with my right knee!), with two and a half hours spare!”

His optimistic approach toward his role and his attitude towards his colleagues does not go unnoticed:

“Simon has worked for both Monthind and our sister company, Atkins Gregory in his 10-year service and brings to the table a wealth of industry knowledge and experience which is so important to our business development team. Hardworking, a great team player, and a joy to work with. Huge congratulations Simon on your 10-year anniversary.”- Anthony Payne

“It’s a pleasure working with Simon. He is very knowledgeable, helpful, supportive, and just a really nice guy. Nothing is ever too much trouble for him. Well done on your decade of service to The Monthind Group.” – Laura McColgan

“Simon has been a pleasure to work alongside during our time at Atkins Gregory, we have worked through different business changes and challenges together knowing each other’s strengths and with a similar sense of humour, which always makes the work enjoyable. Thanks for your continued support, Simon. “ – Simon Plume

“Simon is genuine, friendly, and easy going and it has been a pleasure working with him over the last 10 years.” – Tara Culshaw

“I’ve had the pleasure of working alongside Simon for 7 years and continue to relish his presence in our sales and marketing team. Simon was an asset to my knowledge and development in the early days when I joined the business for which I am extremely grateful for. Congratulations on your 10-year anniversary!” –  Lois Biggs

From all of us at The Monthind Group, we would like to thank Simon for his outstanding attitude, relentless pursuit of excellence in his work, and valued loyalty. He is a pleasure to work with and we are honoured to have him as a member of our team.