At Atkins Gregory, we wanted to share some important information about our ongoing cleaning services during the uncertainty around the Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak.

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Is Atkins Gregory delivering cleaning services during the coronavirus outbreak?


As we provide our customers with a wide range of services that are vital to the continued running of many of our clients, Atkins Gregory remains open for business serving clients across Cambridgeshire. Our focus throughout these challenging times is to ensure our clients’ premises are clean and sanitised as normal, to the highest levels, whilst maintaining the health and safety of all staff and clients.

What precautions are Atkins Gregory’s cleaning operatives taking?

To ensure the continued protection of all Atkins Gregory employees and those of our customers, we are endeavouring to take all necessary precautions during the coronavirus outbreak. Thanks to our specialist biohazard cleaning expertise, our team of cleaning operatives houses vast experience in the safe cleaning of contaminated environments, such as those presented by COVID-19.

What can you do to help?

Atkins Gregory would like to stress the importance of practicing good hand hygiene to all. Click here for advice on how to minimise your risk of contamination from the Health and Safety Officer of our sister company, Monthind Clean:



Coronavirus Cleaning Services and Information from Atkins Gregory

Can Atkins Gregory deliver cleaning services following a COVID-19 Outbreak?


Following a coronavirus outbreak, Atkins Gregory can offer cleaning services throughout Cambridgeshire. The contaminated area should be well ventilated where possible, we must allow 72 hours after the contamination has been identified and will only proceed once a full risk assessment has been completed.

Coronavirus Deep Clean Services in Cambridgeshire


Atkins Gregory can deliver deep clean services to any commercial premises in Cambridgeshire and the surrounding area, ensuring that all contact points and other germ harbouring areas are thoroughly sanitised. Our COVID-19 Deep Clean Services are delivered by our sister company Monthind Clean


Working with Atkins Gregory during the Coronavirus Outbreak


To help us ensure the continued health and safety of all Atkins Gregory personnel, and that of our clients and the general public, it is crucial to work together. Therefore, we would be extremely grateful if, throughout these challenging times, you could get in touch with us if any of the following situations apply. Doing so will allow us to take appropriate action as soon as possible. Please let us know if:

– You have plans to close your premises during this period

– You are working outside of your usual hours, which may affect cleaning schedules

– You are worried your premises may have potential access issues for Atkins Gregory cleaning operatives

– Any member of your personnel has tested positive for COVID-19, leading to the possibility Atkins Gregory personnel could be affected while delivering services at your site. Atkins Gregory will inform you as soon as possible if any of our employees test positive having cleaned recently at your site.

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Useful Links:

– WHO (World Health Organisation) COVID-19 advice

– Hand Washing Guidance from the NHS

– UK Government response to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak from The Department of Health & Social Care (DHSC) and Public Health England (PHE)

– Up-to-date Coronavirus (COVID-19) information from GOV.UK.



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