Atkins Gregory for washroom supplies

Washroom management has the potential to be very time consuming and expensive. From general cleanliness to ordering and maintaining stock levels of consumables, it’s labour intensive and not the best use of your company’s resources, particularly if you have several bathrooms in your building. Here are our top five reasons for outsourcing washroom supplies:

Getting to the bottom of washroom supplies

Procurement isn’t going to thank you for adding bathroom essentials such as paper towels and toilet rolls to the list of items that they have to price research and purchase on a regular basis. When you add soap, moisturisers, alcohol gels, sanitary products and all the other restroom must-haves, it makes sense to outsource to a company you can rely on to provide quality products at reasonable prices.

Stay one step ahead of the germs

We all know that bathrooms are havens for germs and nasties, including MRSA, salmonella, and norovirus, so it’s imperative that you have a rigorous cleaning schedule in place. If you can keep these contaminants at bay, just think how much money you can save from avoided sick absences! It’s not just about cleaning though, ensuring there is always soap available and paper towels for hand drying, or better, still an automatic hand dryer will encourage better hygiene. By outsourcing the supply of these items, you will be free to get on with what you do best.

Keep it green

Outsourcing to a company which cares about the environment allows you to maintain your high CSR standards. At Atkins Gregory, we have specifically selected a range of paper and soap products which are user-friendly and give a quality image to your premises. Our carefully sourced paper products are made from at least 90% recycled fibre, and our soap products are fully water soluble and degradable.

Hand over the maintenance

If you have soap dispensers, sanitary product dispensers or similar equipment make sure you outsource the maintenance too. From checking stock levels and refilling to replacing broken items, you shouldn’t have to give it a moment’s thought.  Atkins Gregory can supply and fit product dispensers in your premises, as well as ensuring prompt replacement of any broken or damaged dispensers.  Our cleaning staff will replenish your dispensers as part of their cleaning duties and ensure regular stock supplies are ordered. Atkins Gregory is also able to supply all types of washroom paper products, hand-cleaners and soaps, alcohol gels, detergents, dishwashing products, refuse sacks, bin liners and vending cups.

Adding those special touches to give a good impression

You may be surprised how much weight people put on the cleanliness of a bathroom. From choosing a restaurant to eat at or a company to give your business to, dirty washrooms with poor facilities and supplies are often an instant turn-off. Whether it’s the latest paper towel dispenser, quality toilet paper, or the pleasant aroma from an automated air freshener, it doesn’t take much to give a good impression of your organisation.

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